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Emergenetics® Profiling: Leading Multi-Generation Teams

Date: 6 Jun 2017
Time: 9am-5pm
Venue: Furama RiverFront, Singapore (or equivalent)
Refreshments: 2 Coffee Breaks & 1 Lunch provided
Fees: S$600 (Nett) Includes an Individual Emergenetics® Profile, Individual Report and Recommendations worth S$100
Early Bird Discount: 5% Discount if company registers before/on 6 May 2017
Group Discount A: 10% Discount if company sends 3-4 participants to the same class
Group Discount B: 15% Discount if company sends 5 or more participants to the same class



Emergenetics® is a USA Psychometric Profiling Tool that helps Individuals to understand their preferred thinking and behavioural attributes better (through analyzing Self Profile) and that of others (through analyzing other’s self profile and team profile), so that they could lead, communicate and collaborate with the team successfully.

In this 1-day Workshop, Ken Wong – 4G Leadership Coach and a Certified Emergenetics® Associate cum Facilitator would present the learners with a better knowledge of multi-generation teams and how to manage inter-generational conflicts & retain Gen Y talents. He would also share best practices on leading multi-generation teams and how to communicate with and motivate Baby Boomers, Gen X & Y staff.

Thereafter, he would present the learners with a basic understanding of Emergenetics® by Geil Browning, PHD so they could analyze their individual profiles and that of others (with their kind consent) and that of the team profile of all the learners in the same session.

He would explain & elaborate on how Most Preferred Attribute (MPA), Least Preferred Attribute (LPA), the Attribute Walkabout, and the forming of the Whole Emergenetics® Team (WEteam™) can help learners understand themselves and their teams better to enhance team performance.

Tapping on personal interviews, case studies, role plays and storytelling, Ken would focus on the application of Emergenetics® to lead multi-generation teams. He would highlight on how Emergenetics® can be used to drive changes, boost team innovation and harness team diversity at the workplace.


What is Emergenetics®?

Key benefits

  • Better understanding of multi-generation teams
  • Better understanding of Emergenetics® for team success
  • Learn how to apply Emergenetics® drive change, boost team innovation & harness team diversity


Program Outline

Leading & Motivating Multi-Generation Teams

  • Understanding Baby Boomers, Gen X & Y – generational stereotypes, upbringing, work values, strengths & potential
  • Case Studies: Managing inter-generational conflicts & retaining Gen Y talents
  • Sharing best practices on leading multi-generation teams
  • Interviews: How to communicate with & motivate Baby Boomers, Gen X & Y?

Understanding Emergenetics® for Team Success

  • Understanding the Emergenetics® model – 4 Thinking & 3 Behavioral Attributes
  • Analyzing Emergenetics® profiles – Understanding self, others & team
  • Understanding self/team better through MPA, LPA & Attributes Walkabout
  • Game: Forming a Whole Emergenetics® Team™ (WEteam™)

Applying Emergenetics® to Change, Team Innovation & Diversity

  • Role play: Applying Emergenetics® to drive change in multi-generation teams
  • Story telling: Applying Emergenetics® to boost team innovation
  • Discussion: Applying Emergenetics® to harness team diversity


Who should attend?

  • Directors & Deputy Directors
  • Department Heads
  • Vice Presidents & Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Middle Managers, Managers & Supervisors
  • Division I & II Officers
  • Other Professionals who are keen to improve their Team Leadership Skills at Work.


Training Methodology

The Workshop is packed with highly interactive, fun and enriching activities. It comprises:

  • Emergenetics Profiles – Individual & Team Profiles
  • Short Lectures, Discussions & Presentations
  • Real Life Case Studies
  • Q & A Sessions
  • One-to-One Interviews & Group Interviews
  • Story Telling & Sharing Sessions
  • Role Plays, Games & Energizers


About the trainer: Ken Wong

Ken was interviewed by 938LIVE on “Maximising team performance” on 23 Feb 2012.

Visit Ken’s blog to read his blog posts on:


  • Confirmation will be emailed to the Training Officer 5 working days before commencement of the course.
  • Cancellations & Postponements are not allowed upon registration. Substitutes are welcomed but must inform us via email at least 1 day before the workshop.
  • No-shows will be billed.
  • All registrations will be taken as confirmed and will be billed accordingly.
  • ProActive Training & Education reserves the right to substitute the trainer, change the venue, postpone or cancel the workshop.




  • Ken is an excellent trainer. He’s able to quote examples for better understanding.

    Mr Wilson Tan – Customer Support Group Manager S.E.A., DEK Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Personal interaction is excellent with the small group size. Ken has good interpersonal skill and he’s flexible.

    Mr Phua Suan Lian – Housing Unit Officer, Singapore Prison Service
  • “I have a better understanding of the characteristics of different generations. I would definitely recommend this program to my colleagues and peers.”

    Ms Joycelyn Sum – Assistant Manager, Health Science Authority
  • “I have gained a deeper understanding on team management and gotten some tips on how to handle multigeneration teams.”

    Ms Zuraidah Binte Mahat – Asst Director, Foreign Manpower Management Division, Ministry of Manpower Singapore
  • 我在这个课程里学到如何好好地管人管事,从多方面多角度看待问题。黄兆贤先生的授课方式生动,有趣,容易理解。

    Mdm Wu Yin Mei – Supervisor, Broadway Food Centre (Holdings) Pte Ltd
  • “I have learnt a lot on balancing different leadership styles. Ken is professional, friendly and expert in his field. I would definitely recommend this program to my colleagues and peers”

    Mr Sum Teck Meng – OO Expert Group, Singapore Police Force
  • The trainer Ken has shared good experiences, short case studies, in depth knowledge in the customer service area.

    Ms Mynn Kang – Senior Customer Care Executive, ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd
  • The workshop is interesting & interactive.

    Ms Irene Koh – Customer Service Supervisor, Sonoco Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “The course is a good reminder of the importance of communication and motivating the group of Gen Y staff under my supervision. Ken has given very relevant examples/situations in explaining his point.”

    Mr Edward Yue – Assistant Head, Sea Export, Singapore Customs
  • I’m able to recognise that every customer is different and requires different approach. Ken is a very knowledgeable, down to earth and pragmatic speaker/facilitator.

    Mr Noor Aldi Alip – Central Narcotics Bureau
  • “…Participants from SPC found the Emergenetics Profiling survey tool useful to gain self-awareness. They also gave compliments to Ken for being an experienced trainer who was able to provide relevant examples and was engaging and approachable in the various learning stages…”

    Mr Chan Jin Kiat – Head, Human Resources, Singapore Petroleum Company Limited
  • “I have a better understanding of my profile so as to work and connect with all levels of staff. Ken is knowledgeable and full of drive. He is able to share great examples and stories with the class. Cool! I would definitely recommend this program to my colleagues and peers.”

    SUPT Alan Wong – Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Singapore Police Force
  • 学到处理主管和员工之间的相处之道。 讲师,黄兆贤先生的授课方式很生动和有趣。

    Ms Lim Lau Cheng – Logistics Supervisor, Ryder-Ascent Logistics Pte Ltd
  • “I now understand the different generations to manage them better as a team. Ken is flexible and willing to share additional information to meet the expectations of the learners.”

    Ms Mariam Binte Isahak – Housing Unit Officer, Singapore Prison Service
  • “I have a better understanding of the 4G characteristics and familiarisation with Emergenetics which can be put into use when managing my staff. Ken is knowledgeable in the topics covered. Presentation is clear and easy to understand.”

    Mr Siau Kim Boon – Manager, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “The sharing of experiences and role playing are beneficial, especially for supervisors like myself.”

    Mr Louis Lim – Assistant Director, Ministry of Transport HQ
  • “I have a better understanding of the different generations. Ken is an experienced trainer. He is able to draw and explain with various examples”

    Mr Chan Kok Hua – Chief Personal Supervisor, Singapore Prison Service
  • He has good knowledge in handling situations.

    Ms June Ng – Assistant Manager (Sales & Operations), Enzer Electronics Pte Ltd
  • “I learn more about Gen X, Y & Z and about myself and my style. Ken is very knowledgeable and able to give good examples and cases to elaborate concepts.”

    Mr Chan Yew Fai – Deputy PE Mfg Manager, The Polyolefin Company Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “I have a clearer understanding of profile of Gen X and Y and the alignment of communication techniques.”

    Ms Amy Lee – National Sales Manager, Servier (S) Pte Ltd
  • I am more aware of ways to manage the 4G. Ken is interactive and passionate about the topic.

    Ms Amanda Ang – OC Logistics, Singapore Prison Service
  • “I have learnt about the techniques of innovation and producing creativity from the program. Ken is engaging and he imparts key knowledge that is applicable in real work environment.”

    Mr Said Bin Amir Alkatiri – Designate Position, Singapore Police Force
  • Ken has vast experience in handling various delicate situations & his inputs have been forthcoming.

    Mr. A. Hamid – Senior Mgr, City Gas Pte Ltd